Sunday, March 14, 2010

A trip down memory lane

*caution...scrapbook photo heavy*

I was reading my comments the other day and someone (whose blog I read everyday) asked me what I do with all my scrapbook pages of the boys.   So just because I enjoy her comments so much I thought I would oblige.  You may be sorry for asking though....

I first started scrapbooking around 4 years ago just before I was pregnant with M.  My Sister is the person that introduced me to it.  We made a trip up to Michaels together and I started buying all sorts of supplies in the scrapbook section.  I became a collector of supplies.  My first page, which I will share another day is what you would typically think of when you say scrapbook.

I didn't know any other scrapbookers at the time.  That is until I met Lisa.  We worked together for a short time before she moved away.  I don't even remember how we got on the subject of scrapbooking but one day we did.  She brought in her Wedding album that she did and I think that was really the turning point for me.  Her album was beautiful.  I remember when she asked me to bring in mine I was a little shy to show her mine because I was so green at this hobby and I thought my pages were not great.  She was very encouraging about all of the pages and would come into work with magazines for me to look at and taught me the phrase "scraplift", or "scrapcrap".  She also told me about a specialty store here in Ottawa where I could buy all kinds of scrapbook supplies.  My first trip to that store I spent well over $100.  I don't do that anymore.  I am more careful about the supplies I choose.

When I became pregnant with M, my creativity came to a standstill.  If you have followed me from the beginning you will know that I don't do pregnant well.   So I barely scrapped for 9 months.  When I landed myself in the hospital leading up to M's birth I knew I wanted to get back into it.  I took me about two months to find my groove with M's scrapbook, but when I did there was no stopping me.  While he napped in his swing, I would put some music on low and get to work.  Almost none of his early pages are my original designs.  In order to get them done quickly I would scraplift others design and try to put my own spin on them. 

Both my boys first year books are set up pretty much the same.  The each have two.  One is set up like a traditional baby book so to speak and documents all of their firsts and things like weight and height.  They each have a story of their delivery and and a picture of me pregnant.  Each book has either a double page spread corresponding to the month they are in or two single pages from that same month. (are you still with me?)  I wrap up each book with a year in review page.  The second book is just everyday moments with them.  Those ones are often my favorites.  Most of my pages are journal heavy because I like to remember things and I like to look and read them often. 

Right now I have my scrapbooks on a shelf in the basement near my scrap space.  I find it easy to file them after they are done.  When I go back to work and I can afford to finish furnishing my home, I plan to but some bookcases that are deep enough to house them in the living area upstairs so people can look at them.  M loves to look at his all the time.  Each boy has their own colored 12x12 album.  M's are red and J's are tan.  They are linen albums from Close to my Heart and I love them.  They have the boys initials and the year that corresponds to the pictures.

Well that certainly was a blurb, so without further adieau I give you M's first year book, because you have already seen most of J's.  I loved looking at this today to see how different my boys are and how much they are the same.  I hope you enjoy it as well.  I think you can click on the pictures to have a closer look.

M's birth announcement.  I sent out small versions of this.

The story of my pregnancy and his birth.  There are photos hidden under the journalling that weren't really appropriate to show the world.  I had a C-section and the B took some pretty neat, but detailed pics.

The first few minutes and his actual birth picture.  We look so happy.

First week:  There is hidden journalling behind the photo.

One month old, again hidden journalling behind the photo.
2nd month

3rd month
4th month
5th month
6th month
7th month ( one of my favs.)
8th month

9th month
10th month ( I love this one too..look at all that snow!)

11th month  ( My frien Oxana took these pics)

One year review

There you have it.  If you are still awake, I applaud you.  If you are sleeping so sorry to have put you through my little trip down memory lane.

As always, Have a wonderful day!


  1. aw, shucks. ;)
    my two faves are the birth one with the peekaboo pictures, and the 8th month with that awesome photo grid.
    It wasn`t THAT short-- we did work together for 8 months, and I did move until the next spring. :)
    I am planning to rearrange my albums soon-- one for Audrey, one for Lily, one for the family as a whole, and perhaps one for me. (That`s how Ali does it. ;) It`s going to be a big job, though. Right now I have 5 albums, not including my wedding album. It will have to wait until after the reno.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. I am in in awe of your talent and creativity AND the fact that you have made 4 of these books. Oh, Jen, your boys are so lucky. What a wonderful talent you have.

    (And thank you for sharing all of this. I was aching with curiosity over what the books looked like. I'm trying my best not to be jealous...)

  3. ck....thank you and your welcome.;) I am in awe of your creativity with words.

    Lisa...Eight months is a short time when you consider how long I actually worked there (10 years) It seems like it was less though. Your pregnancy distracted a good way :)

  4. Jen, those books are awesome!

  5. Sigh...I wish I could scrapbook. I did a whopping FIVE pages for Poonch. That's it. None for Chuckles, even worse.

    It's sort of why I started my blog, so that I could capture what my life is like with them in words. Too bad I won't let them read it yet. They won't understand it until they have their own kids, LOL!

    Beautiful pages!!