Saturday, May 2, 2009

Before Two (Edited)

Tomorrow at 3:19 pm M will turn two. These are just some things I want to remember before the memories slip away.

"Those are nice shoes!"
"Those are awesome shoes!"
"Nice shoes!"
"Those are great shoes!"
(Interchange anything with shoes.)

"It's a beautiful day!"
(even when it is raining)

"HI!!!!!!!!!" "Hi there!" "Hi Everybody!"
(to random strangers, or yourself in a mirror, or us when we get home.)

"That was a good sleep!"
(even when you didn't sleep, but when you did your voice is hoarse and it sounds very cute.)

"Goodnight....Sleep tight..."
(lying on our bed and pulling up the covers with a big grin on your face with absolutely no intention of going to sleep)

"lets get in the tent"
"Daddy's in the tent"
"Mommy's in the tent"
(what you say when we build a tent with our covers)

"ROCK AND ROLL!...........forever)
(when Daddy is playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band)

"You funny"
"I funny"
"me funny"
(screaming this while running around the island in the kitchen.)

(reciting your ABC's randomly)

"Bye Bye.... have fun......see you soon...."
(when someone is leaving the house)

"ooookay let's go down"
(what you say when you want to go down to the basement to play)

"I full.....full tummy"
(what you say when you have had enough to eat,and if not tended to quickly enough you start flinging food)

Lying in bed in the morning and listening to you through the monitor sing a barrage of songs including: London bridges, Head and Shoulders, Theme from Backyardigans, Rubber Ducky, Old Macdonald, Transformers and Row your boat.

"Hi Mr. Moose! He's your buddy he's your friend
(what you say to our cat)

"A piece um"
(what you say when you want whatever I am eating)

"That's why we need to be careful"
(what you say when you fall and hurt yourself....eek)

"that's a fast slide"
(what you say when you go down a slide, include the slight incline on our bathtub)

"Good boy...I need a walk.....I need a book"
(your first phrases)

"I lub you"
(the way you say I love you)

"duuuuuuude, wicked awesome"
(What Daddy taught you to say and what you say after each song in the car ends)

"School bus.......BUS!......Truck!"
(recognizing vehicles on the street)

"Aunty Sammy"
(please see comment

"fix it please"
(what you say when a toy isn't put together properly and you need to play with it)

"I watch pocoyo"
(hmmm obvious....Thank god for you tube!)

" I missed you too"
(how you greet me when I get home from work.)

The way you can recognize the titles of all your books and repeat certain verses of these books.

The way you hug and kiss.....Both are kisses and you haven't learned to pucker you just lean right in.

The way you could count to 11 by 18 months.

There are too many thoughts and too many memories that I didn't jot down and I am so afraid I won't remember. I just want you to know how very proud of you I am now and always.

Happy Birthday Monkey.

ps...I reserve the right to add to this post as I remember....


  1. Of course you do! Can we add duuuuude, awesome, and Auntie Sammy, that was a big one for me:) He remains the only person allowed to call me Sammy. Happy Birthday my sweet sweet nephew. I love you sooooo much!!!! xoxo

  2. What a wonderful list. It flies, doesn't it?