Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Convo with the biggest

Me: Honey, do you know what Mommy's name is?
M: Mommy's name is monkey.
Me:  Nope, not Monkey.  What is mommy's name?
M: Mommy's name is Jennifer!
Me: That's Right!  What's Daddy's name?
M: Daddy's name is Jennifer!
Me:  Note quite.  What is Daddy's name?
M: Daddy's name is Monkey!
Me:  No honey, Daddy's name isn't monkey.  What is his name?
M:  Daddy's name is The Man!!!
Me:  How about Bruce...Do you think that is Daddy's name?
Me:  And what about Grandma, what is Grandma's name?
M: Grandma's name is The Best!!!
Me:  *big smile*

Monday, June 27, 2011

March scrap madness

I did a little scrapping this past weekend amidst the sickness that has taken over my home. 

I have this scrappy quirk that I do a page each month about my boys.

It is not really a growth update or milestone page, just some photos and thoughts.

I caught up with March for M this weekend and did this one using a PageMap.

He looked so forlorn looking out the window at the snow we still had.

I did manage one of J but I didn't take a picture because it was a full on scraplift and I didn't file who it came from so I feel a little guilty posting...

That is all for tonight.

My 2 week vacation is over.  From start to finish it felt like there was always an illness to deal with.

The last few days have been longer than usual, sticking close to home because M was sick, sick, sick.

It turns out he has an infected porcupine in his throat that need some meds to clear it up.

I'm hoping he sleeps peacefully tonight.

Nighty Night.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Journey, The scrappy edition.

Remember my rant?

I'm taking a cue from the wonderful Cathy Z and documenting my journey through this weight loss craziness.

A picture every month or so and some thoughts and stats jotted down for good measure.

Here is what I did from my original May 23rd picture and blog post:

Nothing like using up the pink papers in my stash to document yourself!

And in other news, it will be five weeks tomorrow since I started my weight loss journey.

I've lost 13 pounds!

4 inches from my waist, 1/2 inch from neck and hips.

I cant say that I have done anything really dramatic.

Okay that is a lie, I don't eat as much as I did before.

I'm not dieting per say but I am using My Fitness Pal to keep track of the amount of calories I eat each day and logging  my exercises, which consists of a 30 minute fast paced walk as often as I can squeeze it in.

I did some "research"  and figured out how many calories I would need to eat every day to maintain my weight, then deducted 500 per day.

Apparently for every 3500 calories extra you eat you gain a pound.  Who knew?

I still don't eat chocolate bars or baked goods, homemade or otherwise but I do allow room for treats, mainly ice cream.

Way more fruit, way more veggies.

And allot of dinners from this magazine which FYI are fantastic!
I try not to let myself feel guilty if I slip over my daily calorie intake, which I have done on more than one occasion during my vacation.

I talk about calories ALL THE TIME.  I'm sure my family is sick of hearing about it, but if I don't talk about it I won't stick with it.

And that is what I have done.

Soon I will replace my nightly walks with morning gym visits, and I am hoping that I will start to see some other changes in my body.  ( mainly from the butt/ thigh region)

Wish me luck...AGAIN!

Friday, June 24, 2011

May Project 12

Sweet sweet May, you are trucking along nicely towards the summer sunshine, but you may want to scale back on the amount of rain.


Lots of stuff going on in our home this past May.

My Biggest turned four, we had a federal election,My neighbourhood imposed a 3 month outdoor water ban,  the world was apparently going to end, I passed a huge Loss Prevention Audit at work and I started a weight loss journey.

Whew, I'm pooped just typing that.

I am happy to report I once again completed my layout for Project 12 in a timely manner despite all of this activity!

I quite enjoyed this month and unexpectedly whipped it out in no time at all.

I'm chalking it up to the product.

Hometown Summer is by far my most favorite release from CHA winter.

I visited 4 stores to try and track down some of the embellishments and I'm glad I did!  It made pulling this project together zippy!

I may just do the rest of my summer projects with this paper!

I do have to admit I let the Sassafrass labels go this month, but I stuck with my Facebook updates as the majority of my journalling.  It made me chuckle.  Here's what I was thinking last month:

  • May 1st at 9:40pm; Not a big surprise, but after conducting some Google research there is no such thing as a male fascinator. Shocking, I know.
  • May 2nd at 5:45pm; Vote!
  • May 2 at 10:30pm; Regardless of your political beliefs, you have to be in awe of a man that can convert a province. History was made tonight. I'm interested in seeing how this will play out not only tonight but moving forward.
  • May 2 at 10:30pm; Crazy the stats that elections Canada is reporting for the number of people who voted versus those who were registered.
  • May 2 at 10:55pm; What will become of The Block????
  • May 2 at 10:59pm; Majority Gvt. without the majority of Canadians support said leader of green party. Can't complain or have opinion if you didn’t vote peeps.
  • May 2 at 11:15pm; Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet Michael. YAY for leaving three and moving on to four!
  • May 3 at 1:48pm; Waybulu?? 
  • May 11 at 6:41a pm; I wish, I wish, I wish...But I need to do, do, do and that is the hard part.
  • May 11 at 10:42 am; 10:42am and my brain is already fried.
  • May 12 at 10:44am; I feel like I have a ton of things to say, but I am too tired to even speak.
  • May 16 at 6:56pm; Hotel booked at the 1/2 way mark. Levis will never be the same!
  • May 18 at 11:09am; Does micro-carbonated mean smaller bubbles?
  • May 18 at 10:18pm; Our grass is so green it is almost fluorescent. I guess we can thank the rain for that.
  • May 19 at 7:03am; Noon tomorrow....D-day.
  • May 19 at 7:54pm; And if micro-carbonated means smaller bubbles, is a micro brewery small as well??? 
  • May 19 at 8:03pm; I have no will power...really.
  • May 20 at 10:20pm; You would think that after working 20hours in 2 days that I would be asleep by now. 
  • May 20 10:20pm; See you on the flip side my dear friends. ☺ May 21 6:55am; Well the earth didn't end. 
  • May 22 at 7:47pm; The great thing about white capris pants is that the chocolate ice cream from 4 year old hands shows up quite nicely on them.
  • May 22 at 8:58pm; An ice cream truck just rolled down my street....For realzies.
  • May 23 at 7:31pm; My journey starts tomorrow. Wish me luck.
  • May 24 at 9:14pm; Day one done. I was climbing walls most of the day. This is harder than quitting smoking.
  • May 26 at 7:11pm; Calories sneak themselves in the most unsuspecting places.
  • May 26 at 9:36pm; No words can properly describe how sad and tragic that accident was. Thoughts and prayers to the family. Hug your children a little tighter tonight.
  • May 28 at 2:06pm; Great Glebe Garage Sale, and A great lunch! Love Saturdays off! 
  • May 28 at 9:23pm; Dear City of Ottawa, I understand that the riverside South outdoor water ban is imperative to prevent contamination of our drinking water. I would suggest however that you repair the fire hydrant that has been spewing moderate amounts of water for the last three days (that I have noticed) on Earl Armstrong. Sincerely, someone who would like to use water outdoors. 
  • May 28 at 10:07pm; Stop the presses! I'm having a glass of wine!
  • May 29 at 3:13pm; There be some crazy drivers on the streets of Ottawa on this activity filled Sunday!
  • May 29 at 9:12pm; Dang Mosquitoes. Who knew they were attracted to the color black?! I now have eight bites, on my back that I accumulated on a one hour walk. And those frickers weren't so tiny! 
  • May 31 at 8:54pm; My Baby turns two tomorrow. Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet Jack!

 So now that I have either bored or amused you with my updates let's check out the sketch:


There you have it my Friends, May all wrapped up.
I hope yours was a month to remember.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hot off the presses!!!

Some time ago I blogged about a publication that had picked up five of my scrapbook layouts.

Some 14 months later it has hit the shelves of bookstores world wide!

The book is called The Big Book of Scrapbook Ideas .

I have been waiting patiently for my copy of the book to arrive in the mail, however Canada Post is in the midst of a strike and I won't be getting mail anytime soon.

I didn't want to peek at it until I had my copy in my hands but alas, last week while we were vacationing in New Brunswick I headed over to the bookstore and perused its pages.

Okay, really there was no perusing.  I flipped to the back to see what pages I was on and looked at those pages only.  I was a little giddy about it, showing M that he was in a book.

A few of the layouts that they picked up happen to be personal favorites such as this one:

(Photo taken by my lovely friend Lisa Kisch.)

This picture of M always takes my breath away.  I can't wait to get this layout back.

The next two were total surprises to me.  One is super simple and the other the picture quality wasn't that great.

And last but not least a double about me.  I have to admit I love how it turned out.  I don't often scrap about myself, but I had a list of my dreams, things that bothered me, and other random tidbits that I tucked around the photos.  Again the pictures were taken by Lisa.  Its hard to believe that I was 5 months pregnant with J in those pictures.  Seems like a lifetime ago.

That's it for tonight folks!  I have to admit my zest for blogging has deteriorated as of late due to nice weather and the fact that Blogger has been fussy with their picture uploading.  I plan on jumping back on the bloggy blog train soon though!  Thanks for the visit.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

And just like that...

He's two

I had to work on his big day but we spent the wee hours of the morning together, checking out the decorations, playing with his new kitchen, and of course taking pictures.

And we had the usual suspects over for a party.
J liked his cake, to an extent.  I have discovered he likes the cake, not the icing.
The icing, he likes to paint and squish in his hands.

He was given so many wonderful gifts from all who love him.
His big brother was even exceptional with his patience level for his little birthday brother.  He kept yelling It's J's Number Two birthday!".

My sweet number two baby on his number two birthday.  May it bring you much happiness and wonderment!

Love you!