Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back when I thought Jesse James was cool....

I used to love watching Monster Garage with hubs.

This was also B.C.  during the "don't get out of your PJ's and watch Nascar all day Sundays."

ahhh good times...good times.

Believe it or not dear old Jesse was my latest inspiration.

What you say?

How could that possibly be???

Behold my friends, My latest creation for Tina's Scrapbooking Creations.

Hee  Hee.

My boys love to get into that Garage of ours.

And I'm not sure if you remember, but it has become the "Man Den" of our neighbourhood.

Shag carpet and all.


But my boys are busy making memories in that garage so I try not to think about the grime.

One day it will be a funny memory.

Mostly because I took these pictures and wrote down the deets.

I'm good that way.  ;)

Nighty Night.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

February Project 12

MY OH MY,  February was fun!

There is partial sarcasm in my written tone there.

I was on Vacation for half of the month because Gramma was away whooping it up in Vegas.

I had a couple of challenging days with the boys during that time but interestingly enough some of my favorite pictures from February came from those days.

It just goes to show that you always have to keep your eyes peeled for those moments, otherwise you just might miss them.

Soooooo, me and my Project 12.

Have I mentioned that I love this project?

Have I told you that my Sister is on board this time????

Have I told you that I used the same products this month as I did last month??

Nope...Haven't told you that yet because you haven't seen what I did yet....silly me.

The sketch:

I had a really hard time with this one. 

I don't normally do well with photos that are randomly placed.  I'm usually a line em' up kinda gal.

But not one to back down, I pushed my creative self..HA!

It started out looking like the sketch when I started placing my patterned paper...until I added the pictures and embelies and my journalling.

Then it morphed into something else...

(Click to enlarge)

 I used my sassafrass monthly labels for the title again. 

I also used the same paper pack as last month.  One of my all time favorites from Basic Grey.

You can't see my journalling for two reasons. 

1. It was way too long for the space.

2.  I really wanted to use these envelopes.   My new favorite product.  It is tucked away in there.

I just love the picture of my babies walking side by me the warm and fuzzies.

So there you have it.  In the end I enjoyed the process and that is always going to be what counts.

Nighty Night!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

It was supposed to be muddy.

We went for a walk today through one of the many parks in the greenbelt today.

We were going to feed the birds.

I had it on good authority from my tour guide that the chickadees would eat out of your hand.

It had been raining for days around these parts, after a huge dump of snow.

We were prepared for mud.

There was no mud.

But there were chickadees that ate out of your hand.

Clearly, I had mistaken the chickadee for a Pterodactyl.

And I was not the only one that was a little freaked out.

Ahhh the boy is all mine.

Soo many funny pictures from today.

I feel some scrappiness coming one.  ;)

Nighty Night!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Please excuse me...

While I unplug.

Nothing noteworthy to report.

Dealing with tantrums and it is sucking the life out of me.