Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just like her

Just a super quick post tonight to share a layout that I did about my Mom and her Mom.

Her Mom being my Grandmother.  :)

Over the past while My mom has been doing and saying things that remind me alot of Grandma. 

Nothing that I can really put a finger on but a little reminder here and there that Grandma's memory still lives on.

If you read this and are a scrapper, go buy some of the Dear Lizzy fabric paper.

I used it to make those flowers.

If you are not a scrapper then you can marvel in my ability to ramble and not really say anything sensible.

I am coming off the worst day ever so posting this put a smile on my face.

Off to bed and hopefully a peaceful deep sleep for the next 6 hours.

Nighty Night.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Too cool.

Sam and I in our shades,

and Mom in her Guess T-shirt.

We look way too cool for school.

I'll giggle at this picture for years to come.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

We spent it quietly at home, and after dinner tonight we went to feed the ducks by the river.

I love summer nights.



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can't sleep.

Has it ever crossed your mind why life seems to be easier on some than others?

It has been on my mind over the past couple of weeks.

I wonder about broken marriages,

The mother to be who is battling with cocaine, while others want nothing more than to bring a child into this world.

Why is someone’s life so riddled with loss, while someone else’s seemingly is riddled with luck and good fortune?

Did some of us piss off the Karma Gods?

Were we bad seeds in another life?

Is there a lesson that someone is trying desperately to teach us?

Is God at work masterminding these daily triumphs and travesties?


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just Us.

That is all it has been for eight years now. Never in my life could I have imagined that we would have lost Kurt and Dad in the same year, let alone the same summer. The three of us have made sure that we keep both of their memories alive in different ways. Between Sam and I, we have two children that are namesakes, both who never knew their Grandpa or Uncle. We scrapbook our memories of them, we tell each other stories about them, and we cry about them when our hearts feel heavy. I think most importantly we make sure to tell each other that we love them, we know life is too short not to. It’s hard when we disagree or argue. I think it hurts more now then it ever did because of the fear that one of us may be gone before we can say we are sorry or tell one another how special they are to us. But no matter what happens, I know that we all have good intentions and each others best interest at heart. I know that we will always have each other.

Photo taken July 2008, thoughts July 2010.

Miss you both, RIP.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Project 12 June

I have a couple of things to say about my layout for Project 12 this month.

First of all, I am barely meeting the timeframe to get it complete. Work and life are keeping us busy.

Secondly, I made an impromptu trip to my local LSS on Thursday and she had some new paper packs which are my new addiction. Everything is all coordinated for us busy people that don't have time to think. Tina had one pack of Echo Park's new line "Walk in the Park” and I was tickled to be able to get it.  It is one of my new favorite paper lines. So cute.  I used it on my Layout with the Manila basic line from Basic Grey.

And last but not least, how cute are my kids? Lots of adventures in June to document. Chip picnics, a trip to a local reptile zoo and of course playing in the back yard. Ours is the premier place to be if you have small children. I have all the gear. :)

So without further adieu, the sketch, and my layout!  CLick on the for a larger view.

There you have it.  I'm already looking forward to doing July's Project 12.  The sketch is awesome with lots of little pictures.  I have to admit it inspired me to change up my version of Junes.

I'll also have a special layout to share on Tuesday if you are  inclined to stop by.



Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Sunday giggle and some scrap.

We made it to church today for the first time in what seemed like months.

It has been hard to get there with me being back at work, our smoking hot heat wave and various people around the house sleeping in.

I only like to go to 8:00am Mass; I find it more manageable with the boys.

Silly reason but I have a spirited 13 month old and a three year old who likes to randomly spew out lines from what ever his favorite movie is at the time.


The church we go to has a nice crying room, but today we stepped one foot inside and decided to sit in the regular pews. It was sweltering in there.

Our Priest likes to say it is "prayer conditioned" not "air conditioned."

Cute...but seriously hot in there.

I have to admit I was dreading sitting in the pews because I know my kids and they are not quiet, nor do they like to sit still.

I'm sure most children their age don't and I don't want to raise children that aren't willing to express themselves, but I can't help but feel guilty when I glanced around the church and saw children sitting quietly in the pews.

Sooo not my kids.

I started to sweat.

We sat in the very back row, strategically in case I needed to make a quick escape.

Everything seemed to be going well. I travel prepared with snacks, water, books, a quiet toy or two just in case.

I was trying to participate but I have to admit I usually have a hard time because I'm watching M and J.

The Priest had just finished his first prayer and all was quiet until a very loud "WOW" resonated through the church.

It was none other than my little J of course.

And what did I do?

Giggle uncontrollably, while hiding my face in M's hair.

M proceeded to discuss with himself the pros and cons of playing games before bedtime when you are really tired.

More smiles and suppressed giggles.

This is my life and I have to say I love it.

I say that as M is screaming madly beside me as his tower made from stacking circles crumbled off the desk.  We have hit an interesting stage with him.

Frickin three and those limb flailing, mirror shattering screaming temper tantrums.


In other breaking news.........

I have some layouts to share:

(Click on them if you want a bigger view)

I'm feeling pretty happy about these three pages.

Not because they are masterpieces but because J's first year book is complete!

I never thought it would be done within weeks of him turning one but it is.

Yay for getting things done!

That is it for now...I have more scrapp stuff but I'm waiting for another day.

Have an awesome Sunday!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Canada Day

When I get older........

I will be stronger......

They'll call me freedom.....

Just like a waving flag.....

Ours was peaceful and spent with family.

I hope yours was too.