Friday, June 25, 2010

scrappity scrap

Just sharing some pages I have been working on over the past two weeks.

Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


J seems to have more allergies than he was first tested for. 

More skin prick tests and blood tests next week.

I find the entire thing very overwhelming.

Foods that I can't give him,

Worrying that something might happen while I am at work.

My mind wanders to worst case scenerios and I keep talking myself down off the ledge.

It is hard  to see him in distress with itchy hives,

Hard to see that he is not sleeping well.

Constantly listening for breathing issues.

He is a trooper, usually in a good mood,

But I can't help but wonder if he could speak, what he might say about how he is feeling.

I hope and pray that it is nothing more than a food allergy.

Wish us luck.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What we do for fun.

I had one day off this weekend.

The place where you find fabulous for less has been keeping me busy.

Good busy, but on my drive home,

at 4:00pm in the afternoon,

I often find my eyelids just wanting to close.

I have been jam packing fun into my days off,

and I will continue to do so all summer.

There are animals and insects to visit,

Parks to play at,

and picnics to be had.

Speaking of picnics....

We went on a Chip Picnic on Sunday.

What is a Chip Picnic you ask?

It is an event that happens when you have exhausted all activities in one day and need something to do when you have 60 minutes to kill.

You simply pack up the kids in the car, stop at the grocery store for a bag of chips and dip,  and head to a park you have never visited.

If the park happens to be one that has a awesome huge play structure and a place for the general public to launch their boats on the river, even better.

Total awesomness I am telling you!

I never, ever saw M sit so close to a slide and not bat an eye ball in it's direction.

That is until he had finished his little plate of chips.

I'm pretty sure he thought he hit the jackpot that day.

As did this little guy:

I won't tell you what was in M's little sippy cup, but suffice to say he was in heaven with treats that are normally off limits.


Perhaps not the best beverage to give a three year old but sometimes a Mommy needs to do fun things right?

Happy  Wednesday!

Monday, June 7, 2010

No time to scrap

Life is busy.

Crazy busy!

I remember two years ago feeling rushed and hurried all the time but add another baby to the mix and it is a whole new ball game.

I get home from work around 4:30pm on the nights that I don't close the store up, and it is a race till bedtime.

Dinner to be had, baths to be had, walks to take if time permits and stories to read.

Not in that order of course.

Thank the heavens above for my Mom because honestly, I think I would collapse most days if I didn't have help.

I think the biggest issue is my non sleeping through the night baby.  If he were sleeping I would be getting at last 7 solid hours.

In reality, Not. So. Much.

And I'm sure we are weeks away from it, but J's whole virus has sent us spiraling backwards in the sleep department.

I think what I find the hardest is carving out that itty bitty piece of time for me without it cutting into quality time with the kids or hubs.

It is really hard to do.

Really hard.

Last night I actually stayed up till 11:00pm to watch two episodes of Glee and one episode of The Bachelorette, and I'm paying for it big time today. 

Droopy eyelids are not attractive.

But alas, I'm just trying to find that balance. 

And seriously who wants to miss out on all the drama that happens on The Bacholorete with those crazies from Canada...Not me I tell you!

And that my friends is my story for today.

You are totally engrossed aren't you?


I'll leave you with some recent crafty-ness.

And by recent, I mean three or four weeks ago.

And I am not even going to correct my spelling or grammer.


Nighty nighty.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Floored *repeat post*

A day after I posted this, I took it down because it was requested for publication in Canadian Scrapbooker.

I was nothing less than thrilled to be part of the summer issue. 

And I was even more excited to see one of my favorite layouts in print for the first time...One thing to check off the bucket list!

Off to bed...*someone* has decided to wake 3 to 7 times a night since I have gone back to work. 

He's lucky he is cute!

Every day, in every way,

I am floored that I was given the opportunity to be your Mom.

That God believed enough in me to raise two beautiful boys.

That B and I were able to to create these masterpieces.

I hope that I am always worthy of the job.

And through the good and bad,

That you will be as proud of us as we are of you.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My littlest angel turned one.

I was a mess.

All. Day.

I cried at the silliest things; a cheese ball Lonestar song, one the way to the Dr. office, while putting J down for a nap, while I went to pick up his cake.

A mess I tell you.

I felt so sad and happy at the same time.

Sad because I knew/know that there will be no more babies. I'm not sure that I really want more but because I closed shop, it became vividly clear yesterday that it wasn't even an option.

I like the baby stage. I love the sweet smell of babies, the little noises they make, the look of content on their faces when they are being fed, the itty bitty clothes, the look of accomplishment the get when they conquered something new.

I just don't like the lack of sleep.

This past year has been a whirlwind of change for our family.

J brought so much love into our house that I never knew was possible.

There are so many wonderful things I want to remember about him, so many little quirks.

His curls; gorgeous, especially after he wakes from a good sweaty nap.

His eyes, a wonderful mix of Grandmas and Grammies. Not my blue, but theirs.

His lobster claw toes; honestly he was born with his big toe spread apart from the rest and it always makes me giggle. Don’t fear, they close up but sometimes he spreads them apart and it is funny.

His neck; it is long, it is strong and it is confident. I love it.

His ears; the stick out more than any of us. To see him from behind with his neck held high and his curls, with the ears sticking out, it makes my heart warm.

His arms; he wraps them around my neck for hugs. If he is having trouble sleeping, we will lie tummy to tummy and he wraps his arms around my neck to fall asleep.

His hands; he loves them to be held. While sleeping, while playing.

His legs and how he used them to take his first steps last Friday.

His voice; it can be soft and sweet, or gruff and angry.

His palate; he is the best eater ever...even better than M. I may never give this kid sugar ever. (Except for yesterday...he loved his cake!)

His sunny disposition; he loves to smile and laugh. He did not cry the first week I was back at work once when I left.

His smile; especially the one that is behind the binkie.

His eyebrows; specifically his left one. It raises when he is up to no good or thinking about something.

His words; hi, bye, wow, mama, dada, amma (gramma), a don (all done), ta (thank you).

His temper; wow he gets mad...I still laugh but I know those days are disappearing and the discipline days are coming.

They way he loves to play in water; loves it. When removed from bath or pool or water table the above mentioned kicks in and he is a force to be reckoned with.

The way he looks at his brother; complete and utter adoration. Nothing makes me happier.

I know there is more, there always is.

Everyday is a joy with this kid, except the sleepless nights. He is not my BFF then.

I am so lucky.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Project 12

Not a big post today...I'm feeling really emotional about J's first birthday.

I'll be back later with some words of wisdom about him,

For now I have my May project 12 layout to share with you.

First of all the sketch:

Cute right?

But I can't leave well enough alone and made some mistakes that I had to cover up so this is what I ended up with.

I'm calling it good enough.  The words and memories were captured and that is what is important and what I love about this project.

Off to wrap some presents.

As always, thanks for stopping by!