Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What we do for fun.

I had one day off this weekend.

The place where you find fabulous for less has been keeping me busy.

Good busy, but on my drive home,

at 4:00pm in the afternoon,

I often find my eyelids just wanting to close.

I have been jam packing fun into my days off,

and I will continue to do so all summer.

There are animals and insects to visit,

Parks to play at,

and picnics to be had.

Speaking of picnics....

We went on a Chip Picnic on Sunday.

What is a Chip Picnic you ask?

It is an event that happens when you have exhausted all activities in one day and need something to do when you have 60 minutes to kill.

You simply pack up the kids in the car, stop at the grocery store for a bag of chips and dip,  and head to a park you have never visited.

If the park happens to be one that has a awesome huge play structure and a place for the general public to launch their boats on the river, even better.

Total awesomness I am telling you!

I never, ever saw M sit so close to a slide and not bat an eye ball in it's direction.

That is until he had finished his little plate of chips.

I'm pretty sure he thought he hit the jackpot that day.

As did this little guy:

I won't tell you what was in M's little sippy cup, but suffice to say he was in heaven with treats that are normally off limits.


Perhaps not the best beverage to give a three year old but sometimes a Mommy needs to do fun things right?

Happy  Wednesday!


  1. That sounds like an awesome picnic! A picnic that I would LOVE to be at.

  2. That sounds like the BEST picnic ever. Truly, a great idea. (One I'm borrowing, you know, just in case.)

  3. I think a chip picnic is just what the doctor ordered! You are brilliant!