Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All before 10am

Jack, get down from the table, we sit on chairs.

Jack, please don't tear up the books, they are for reading.

Jack, eggs belong in your mouth, not your hair.

Jack, Get OFF the table.

Jack!  Don't slam your toys on the floor.

Jack...Don't dump the apricots on the floor...out of the cupboard now please.

Jaaaaaaack....Don't put that n your mouth.


Jack.  Oh Jack..what did you do?  you are not supposed to pull apart your oven.

Jack, we don't use Vaseline to brush our teeth.

Jack..that is for sucking boogies out...Get it out of your mouth.

Jack...we don't stand on Tupperware.

Get off the table.  PLEASE!!!!!!

(Don't let the unseasonably warm weather and Mr. Cute fool you.  There is a definite storm moving in.)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

This weekend...

  • M got sick for the second weekend in a row since he started school.
  • I realized how far away I have gotten from my weightloss journey
  • Someone finally took out the AC in our bedroom.
  • I made apple stuffed crescent rolls.
  • I played and played with the boys.
  • I did not take one single picture, nor did I scrapbook one.
  • It took me 36 hours to get through one smallish magazine.`
  • I fell asleep on the couch, twice.
  • I let myself get irritated by other peoples opinions.
  • I gathered ideas and Pinspiration to decorate for the Halloween. 
  • bought me some new D&G glasses. 
That is my scintillating post for this evening.

Nighty Night

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not Strawberry

For the past two years I have baked my mom a cake for her birthday from scratch.

I don't often attempt this but she is special so I thought she deserved a special cake.

This year she requested a strawberry shortcake and all I could think was

"That's a crummy choice for a birthday cake!!!"

Apparently I vetoed her choice and baked up a butter cake with raspberry butter cream icing.

It was gooooooooood!

But It wasn't Strawberry anything.

Apparently it is I that has a "thing" for raspberries because that is what she got two years in a row.

Next year I will deliver what she wants.

(Designed for Tina's Scrapbooking Creations)

Goodnight friends.