Saturday, February 12, 2011

January Project 12

I'm at it again for 2011 with some changes to my process.

If you haven't heard about Project 12 head over here to read about it.

You don't need to do the sketch, you don't even need to take pictures should you not feel like it.

You just need to document your life in any which way you chose.

I have decided to try and make it easier on myself this year.

I bought these and these when Bruce and I were in New Brunswick in December with this project in mind. I'm going to use them for my title on every layout.  No need to think about whether or not I have enough letters.

I am also going to include my more memorable facebook status updates in my journaling.  Not exclusively, but  the stuff that I think may be important to document for future reference.  It takes the pressure of remembering what happened all month when you are a busy working Mom.

So that is my approach to Project 12 this year.   I was pretty excited to work on January's yesterday.

Here is the sketch:

 And my take on it:

(Click to enlarge)

I truly love the end result this month, mostly because look at those babies of mine. (toddlers I know but still my babies.)

I wasn't paying attention to the sketch before I printed my pictures so I made do with 4x6 prints and just trimmed the middle ones a wee little bit, and of course I kept the craft cardstock and used my new favorite border punch.  I find it simple but I'm cool with that! 

That's all for tonight Peeps.  Off to bed early as my 18 day vacation officially ends at 8:00am tomorrow morning.  What was I thinking scheduling myself this Sunday?

Nighty Night!