Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hot off the presses!!!

Some time ago I blogged about a publication that had picked up five of my scrapbook layouts.

Some 14 months later it has hit the shelves of bookstores world wide!

The book is called The Big Book of Scrapbook Ideas .

I have been waiting patiently for my copy of the book to arrive in the mail, however Canada Post is in the midst of a strike and I won't be getting mail anytime soon.

I didn't want to peek at it until I had my copy in my hands but alas, last week while we were vacationing in New Brunswick I headed over to the bookstore and perused its pages.

Okay, really there was no perusing.  I flipped to the back to see what pages I was on and looked at those pages only.  I was a little giddy about it, showing M that he was in a book.

A few of the layouts that they picked up happen to be personal favorites such as this one:

(Photo taken by my lovely friend Lisa Kisch.)

This picture of M always takes my breath away.  I can't wait to get this layout back.

The next two were total surprises to me.  One is super simple and the other the picture quality wasn't that great.

And last but not least a double about me.  I have to admit I love how it turned out.  I don't often scrap about myself, but I had a list of my dreams, things that bothered me, and other random tidbits that I tucked around the photos.  Again the pictures were taken by Lisa.  Its hard to believe that I was 5 months pregnant with J in those pictures.  Seems like a lifetime ago.

That's it for tonight folks!  I have to admit my zest for blogging has deteriorated as of late due to nice weather and the fact that Blogger has been fussy with their picture uploading.  I plan on jumping back on the bloggy blog train soon though!  Thanks for the visit.

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