Saturday, July 18, 2009

On a Saturday 7 years ago.... was July 20th, not the 18th and that Saturday I lost my Brother.

And these were the words that helped me get through it then:

Strength: because it helped me get through the days, weeks and years that followed his death.

Courage: because it made me stand in a room full of people that I wanted to run away from.

Faith: because it allowed me to believe that he was in a better place than the hell that our family and friends were going through.

Belief: because I was sure that God wanted him and my Father together and no one can ever tell me differently.

Patience: because I allowed myself the time I needed and still need to cope with living my life without him.

Laughter: because there was an exact moment that to my Sister and I that it was the best medicine.

Regret: because I often think of what could have been.

Love: because it took that summer to make me realize that nothing in this world is more important than family.



  1. I was thinking those same thoughts. I miss him. I will always miss him. till we meet again...

  2. Wow...first let me say that I can not even imagine losing a sibling. So very sorry for your loss. You did a beautiful layout and journaling to document this time in your life. Thanks so much for sharing it:-)

  3. many thoughts and prayers for you. I thank you for sharing your words of wisdom.