Sunday, August 9, 2009

An eventful Sunday.

And it's not even lunch time.....Seriously.
I got very. little. sleep. last night.

B said he knew how I felt .

Yeah right you slept through all 5 diaper changes you brat!

I didn't think I was going to make it to church but I did.

And quite the entrance I made.

Lets refer back to my July 8th post about fears.

Specifically Fear #3.

Doubting my Maternal instinct and dropping my son.....

Turns out I need not worry about that one as I fell up the stairs (yes that is right UP) at church.

Everyone under God came running as I had J in my arms.

I swear I hit those stairs on 5 different parts of my body trying to keep J from being hurt.

One woman actually congratulated me on a job well done.


Then while we were wishing our fellow parishioners peace, M instead of saying "peace of Christ" or "peace be with you" belted out

"High Five"

I'm still giggling.

That's my kid.

One hour later we were off to Costco for some groceries.

Deal of the century.

Laura Secord Ice cream for $2.49.

I am all about the ice cream.

Okay maybe it wasn't that eventful of a Sunday but it was interesting.

And now......drum roll please.......
Some pics of my cuties to keep you smiling, complements of Lisa Kisch.

You can see some of her beautiful pictures and read her blog at:

Every time she comes to visit she takes pictures of us and they always turn out so beautiful. Thanks Lisa!

Gosh they are cute.
Enjoy your day!

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  1. HIGH FIVE on the beautiful kids! Look at that smile already.

    (And even though I haven't fallen up the stairs at church holding my baby, I fall up the stairs at my mom's house regularly. No one there even looks up anymore, they just laugh.)