Saturday, October 10, 2009


...for oh so many things this year.

Thankful that I let M sit on my lap this morning and show him how to type out his name. The smile was totally worth it. (mmnuiuiicxchhhhhhaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeelllzz)

Thankful that we have Baby J in our lives to round out our family.

Thankful that I am hanging on, if even by my pinky toe. I can see light at the end of a dark tunnel that I was travelling through.

Thankful that some 16 odd years ago I chose the right path and let go of "friends" that were leading me down a rocky road.

Thankful that if even for a short time I was blessed to know some very important people.

Thankful that on days where I feel that I am not a good enough Mom, that I have my Sister to share her war stories and make me laugh through my tears.

Thankful that I have a Mom who loves me and encourages me.

Thankful that I have found a few ways to document "OUR" stories so that decades from now, M and J may have some answers to their burning questions.

Thankful that even though I am not where I want to be physically, that no serious disease has touched me.

Thankful for the health of those people I love so very much.

Thankful to the MAN or WOMAN up above that has given me a blessed life.

May you all have a wonderful and plentiful Thanksgiving.


  1. On the same wavelenght. lol. I am thankful for many if not all the same things, and thankful everyday that I was blessed with YOU! XO

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds like you have a lot to be grateful for!

  3. This is awesome. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Wish I would have read this soner.Ithank God for you & Samantha.The time he gave me with Kurt.All my cuite smart grandchildren.Sissters&brothers.Mom&dad,where thay are safe&at pice.Love you all.XOX