Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Important Bulletin

Dear Child of Mine that has acquired a new blood curdling screech:

The administration of the D/H household requires you to cease and desist this behavior effective immediately during the following activities:

1. Upon waking.

2. During the consumption of any meal at the family dinner table.

3. While requesting further food that you may or may not consider a treat.

4. While you are waiting ever so patiently for the family to get packed up for an outing.

5. While we are shopping at the grocery store.

6. While I am driving.

7. During quiet times such as Naps or while viewing "the Wonderpets".

8. During bath time.

9. While playing with your friends

10. At bedtime.

Please be advised that this list is non-inclusive and that management at the D/H household reserves the right to make any amendments at any given time

Failure to comply WILL result in the prompt removal of your presence from my presence, into your bedroom until said screeching stops.

And please be thankfull that it does not result in your bum being grass and my hand being the lawnmower.

Sincerely and assertively yours,

The Administration at the D/H household.

AKA your Mom and Dad who may just whoop your butt if it doesn't stop.


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