Friday, January 22, 2010

The boxes in the closet

They are Pampers boxes

They stay in the closet and as they grow, clothes are sorted into them.

One box is the clothes that J will eventually wear,  and the other is filled with clothes that will never be worn again.

At least not in this family.

It is that second box that makes me a little sad.

Because in it holds all those itty bitty infant clothes that I would never have fathomed a human could  be small enough to fit into.

And after sorting it the other day, that box became two.

They each have their own special box, filled with the articles of clothing I know that I am not ready to part with:

  • The long- sleeve top I bought as soon as I found out I was having M so he could wear it at Christmas.
  • The turtle outfit that I just had to have but proved to be a pain while nursing.
  • The outfits that Aunty Sam bought both of my children to wear home from the hospital in, that have matching blankets.
  • The itty bitty screwdriver PJ’s I sent Grandma out to buy because nothing we had would fit M.
  • The onesie that Cara bought M that was small enough to wear on his first day at home .
  • The scrapbook top that Jenn bought but was seriously, seriously tiny.
  • The last sweater that Great Grammy P will probably ever knit for a great grandchild .
  • The first sweater Grandma H ever got to knit for a grandchild.
  • The monkey outfit with blanket that M just had to have even though I bought it too late in the season and he barely wore it.
  • The Vespa outfit that Lisa bought for M.
  • J’s newbie PJ’s that were so tiny he barely wore them.
  • The alien outfit with the crazy hat that I bought for J because it was tiny and funny and he needed something light those first few days.
  • M’s go-to onesie from Aunt Norma
  • The polo short outfit and Sailor outfit that Aunty Sam bought for J that he wore all the time his first summer.
  • J’s go-to onesie.
  • The zoom zoom zoom onesie that Grandma T bought.
  • J’s go-to PJ’s.
I grabbed my camera and snapped shots of them because I wanted to remember what they looked like because realisticaly, those boxes may very well stay in my basement for decades.

They more than likely will not be lent out to friends with babies because I don't want another childs spit up on them.

Crazy, I know.

Instead they will collect dust untill one day, when they may or may not be moth ridden I will dig them out for my grandbabies to wear.



  1. You are not crazy. Every time I put away a box of clothes that the girls have outgrown, I cry. Every. Time.

  2. This is, hands down, THE BEST scrapbook page I've ever seen. Granted I don't scrapbook, but if I did, this is exactly what I'd wish I could create. You have captured so much with this layout. You are an artist.

  3. Brilliant. Love it. Such a great idea. I'm still lending stuff out a lot, but i've been thinking that i need to do this...put away the special stuff.
    Also, I love that the outfit I got for M made the box! :)

  4. O.k. so if you don't send this off immediatly to EVERY SINGLE scrapbook magazine I am. This is amazing, brilliant, beautiful! Wow. I MEAN it. SUBMIT. Now. And if they don't pick this they are fools. This is EXACTLY what EVERY scrappers childs scrappbook should hold. WOW!

  5. I'm with Sam... YOU HAVE TO ENTER THIS!! and I'm soooo scraplifting this when I get around to scrapping and taking pics of my fave outfits of Rach's!! I love the inspiration you give me!!!

    PS finally figured out that I can post as "anonymous"! YAY!!

  6. You could always make a quilt using their little clothes. I'm not a scrapper but your piece is wonderful.

  7. You did a great job on this scrapbook page.Just love it.I am with the others.submit it.XO

  8. I meant to comment on this a while ago, sorry! But I just wanted to say...this scrapbook page ROCKS!!! What a brilliant idea. I have a box of clothes that I just can't let go of, and one day Hubs caught me in the crawlspace, crying as I went through them. Yeah, he thought I was losing it, too!