Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yesterday he:

Turned 8 months old...where has the time gone?

Is just over 18lbs, and is 23 inches tall.

Now has four teeth, the fourth of which has made the last week miserable for him.

Waves and flails his arms madly when he wants attention.

Is almost sitting up.

Says "mum mum, ada ada, & yaya"

Is NOT sleeping well at all.

Still has those wonderful blue eyes...I think they are here to stay!

Throws a hissy fit when I take him out of the bath.

Is starting to like food more and more...especially fruit.

Tomorrow he:
Will turn three in three months...again, where has the time gone?

Has a wild fascination with all things zipper related.

Recognizes name brands and their logos by exclaiming "That's The North Face!, That's Arc teryx!"  This was Daddy's contribution to child rearing.  Beware Costco shoppers wearing any sort of coat with a zipper or logo...my child may attach himeself to you.

Still naps.  * listen to the angels above sing their praise peeps!*

Loves snack time.  So much that I will tell him it is snack time to get him upstairs.  This kid packs it away.

Just had a growth spurt because his jeans that had to rolled in September now fit perfectly.

Doesn't throw too many tantrums but when he does....watch out!

Loves to Rock and roll with Daddy.

Loves his new Iggle Piggle stuffy.

Has started using the word please again.

Still communicates in the form of a question to himself when he wants something and answers said question himself: "M, would you like a pickle?  Ummmm sure!!!"

Has started to ask us for things in the proper context: "I'd like to go downstairs....now!!"  Maybe a little demanding at times.

Likes to touch the ceiling...again a Daddy contribution.

Loves puzzles.

Has rediscovered storytime with his Mommy....Yippee!!!

Today I:
Am getting a little frustrated with the sleep situation... or lack there of.

Am starting to think about how hard it will be to return to work in 4 months.

Lost 5 pounds.

Am the reigning Wii ski jump champion, much to B's chagrin and efforts to beat me.

Desperately need a haircut.

Look forward to Monday nights and watching The Bachelor...

Am bored with winter.

Am using my slow cooker and muffin tins like crazy....separately of course.  :)

Am cherishing the little moments of love with my family.


  1. First of all we don't talk about the eyes o.k.? It's a jinx.
    Second. I love when M answers himself. so cute.
    Third, forth, & fifth. I love this pic of you. I'm bored with winter too. and Joy's never gonna live that down. baaaaaaaaaa.

  2. Wait...back to work in 4 months? Did you get a year-long maternity leave? SERIOUSLY? I totally live in the wrong country. We only get 6 weeks.

    (PS: You look fantastic. I love your hair!)

  3. CK..yup we get a year...but our employment insurance only pays something like 30% of our salary...it's nice but we are poor right now :)

    Sam..or Joy it really is funny!

  4. Someone's picking on me!!! SERIOUSLY Funny though!!! I am going to look for a recipe and prove to you BOTH that I'm not as ditzy as it appears I was being!! ROTFLMAO!!

  5. Wii ski jump rocks! I am better than my hubby, too. It really ticks him off.

    Great pics!