Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm his.

As soon as I opened M's door this morning he said: "There's my Mommy!".

This was the first time he has refered to me as his, in the right context.

It made my heart all warm and fuzzy.

Now I am just waiting for the possessiveness to start in other areas.

Can you just hear the cries:  "THAT'S MY TOY!!!!"

Can't wait...

In other breaking news, J had some allergy testing done yesterday after some hive issues after introducing milk.

He is deffinately allergic to milk.




I wasn't thrilled to hear this news.

We are the proud new owners of an epipen.

We have to take him for a blood test to determine the degree or severity of the allergy.

The Dr. felt that it wasn't severe but it has to be treat as such until he is 5, at which time a "Peanut Challenge" will occur.

For the time being this also means that M will not have any peanut butter or foods that may contain, as he may contaminate J accidently.

I don't think he will miss it.  He is more of a honey on toast kind of kid.

But I will need to be more careful, as will B.

I will become a label reader at the grocery store.

It was also communicated to us that he has a 75% chance of developing asthma because of these allergies, combined with his diminishing excema.


My head and heart are telling me they are not serious allergies and that he will outgrow the milk allergy by 2 and the peanut allergy by 5.

I already bought some soy milk this morning and J drank 3 ounces.


Let the weening begin!

Off to watch the WonderPets with the turkey and the monkey.

And to read my Flyers.  ;)

Have a great weekend.


  1. So sorry to hear about the peanut and milk allergy. But at least you have it figured out, which is half the battle. I think the schools these days go a long way to protect your child, hopefully you will have that experience.

  2. It does get easier. Please visit for products to teach children and those caring for them how to stay safe with food allergies.

  3. We have loads of allergies, as well as asthma, around here also. Not the nut one though. I feel for you. It's tough. But, you have found out early and in a safe way. That is all good news. Now go forward and read everything you can get your hands on! :)