Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moving on and Project 12.

Yesterday for us was challenging but...

I have moved on.

With the small exception that I lost M's new Outdoor Research hat today,

I have little to whine about.

No major bouts of wakefulness last night but...

That youngest of mine???

He is quite cagey.

He really needs to sleep longer stretches,

I really need to wean him,

And he almost climbed out of his bath seat tonight.



Alright so Project 12 March. 

I really liked the sketch,

But I had so few pictures from March that appealed to me.

I made do, and picked out some cute ones of the boys.

So here is my take:

It's not perfect but anything?

Off to watch the game/race with hubs.

And just because I can, a pic of my kiddo's.

Yep...those are matching boys.

I have issues with matching them.

In that I do it often.

It is a sickness. 

Are they not the most handsome?

I love that they are both looking at Daddy in this picture and not me.

Makes my heart feel full.

Nighty Night.


  1. First, I love the colors on this blog. Really nice. Second, I ADORE how you changed the sketch! I love how symmetrical it is and how you were able to use more journaling. LOVE this one.

  2. Those are two handsome boys! I think the page looks terrific!