Monday, January 31, 2011

J's Big Day.

Yesterday J was finally Baptized.

He will be 20 months old tomorrow, and surprisingly he was the youngest yesterday to make this sacrament.

When I was contemplating baptism, I really struggled with the decision. 

I am not a cradle Catholic.

In fact I was only Baptised when I was 12 years old.

Because of that, I really struggle with religion.

It is not that I don't believe in God, because I do whole heartily.

I just sometimes find it to be too institutionalized.

I also have a hard time with the fact that the Roman Catholic Church is one of the most lucrative institutions in the world.

But more and more I am going to Mass on Sundays, with my children and really trying to listen with my ears and my heart to what the priest is saying.

My initial reasoning to have them Baptised was not a very good one.

I wanted them to go to a Catholic school as I felt and still feel that the experience with religion, faith, community will be good for them.  Their school will be able to teach them things that I feel inept at.

And in the end, if the boys decide that this religion stuff is not for them, at least they have something to base their decision on, rather than no experience or knowledge at all.

I try to take my role seriously.  The operative word being try.

I take them to church and I am teaching M to say a night time prayer. 

It is hard, because Hubs is not Religious.  He has faith but doesn't feel that he needs to be inside  a building to prove/profess it.

To each their own....

Any whoooooooooo, Yesterday J was baptized.

He wore the same outfit that M did for his baptism.

It was a pretty big day for him and the Mass and Ceremony was smack dab in the middle of his nap time.  I had a very tired babe on my hands.

Not sure if you can see the smiles on our faces here but J decide to let out a toot just as Father finished pouring holy water on his head.  Totally inappropriate, but I was suppressing so much laughter I actually had tears streaming down my cheeks.

And Auntie, who is also Godmother to both my children did a good job helping out with the boys.

My favorite picture from the ceremony; we all look so involved in what the Priest was saying.

We then went back to my house to have lunch.  J didn't survive the drive home and was out within minutes.  I woke him up two hours later so he could enjoy this: (YEP..I made it from scratch!)


Afterwards he was all smiles and I snapped my favorite picture of the day.

Isn't he a little angel?

Nighty Night.


  1. He does look like an angel! And the toot...hilarious! That's one of those "remember when's"...

  2. It was a special day. love him. love them. k love you.xo