Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day '11

I swear to you it is by far one of my favorite statutory holiday.

No presents, no getting ready for church, no stress.

Just chilling out with my favorite people.

So what did I do today?

Clearly I mistook Facebook for twitter as I was constantly updating my status to the latest happenings in and around ma maison.

Case and point:

11:00am-ish:  Baked some bread, made some muffins, roast for dinner. Feeling pretty domestic today.

12:00pm-ish: Nicest email in my inbox today. Thanks Jill.

1:00pm-ish: I love that Canada Post is working today! I love getting fun snail mail!

2:00 pm-ish:Black and Yellow!! HELLO!!!

4:00pm-ish: Another pea extracted from the depths of someones nasal canal. Seriously? It has been at least 4 days since we have had peas.

5:00pm-ish: "M, take the Eiffel Tower out of your mouth please." Never thought I'd say that.

7:00pm-ish: Today may go down as the day that I updated my status the most. I swear I was hanging out with the kids all day though, being a proper mama.

Yep, that was my day.  Paid to boot, with minimal refereeing.

And I didn't even shower OR get dressed.

Neither did The Bigs.

Love my Family.

Nighty Night.

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