Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thank you for needing me

Both of my boys were stung by a wasp this morning, presumably the same one.

There were some tense moments when they arrived home crying from a nice morning walk with Grandma with fears of allergic reactions since J has a few food allergies. 

He seemed to be the trooper though, barely crying and carrying  on in his own carefree  way.

M on the other hand was making funny tongue movements, and his thumb swelled like it was a balloon.

I think what was more shocking to me than the fact that they got stung, was that M let me comfort him and hold him while he cried.

He even said " Mommy, kiss the bobo better."

I suppose you are wondering why this is surprising to me?

M doesn't let me comfort him when he gets hurt.


Today was pretty much the first time in over two years that I felt I could do my job and try to heal a wound or wipe a tear.

The funny part was the whole time he was crying I was thinking , "wow, he is letting me help him; wow, he is letting me apply some ointment; wow, he wants me right now."

Thanks for needing me today honey.   Your Mama needed to be needed.

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