Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cool For School!

My little man is doing great at school.

He is responding  well to the routines of the class room and loves his teachers.

He will randomly inform me Mrs. Bergeron is at home with her children.

I think one of most amusing things he does is ask his friends what they are doing throughout the day, after he has left school.

For example he just asked Conner what he was doing, and yesterday he informed Jacob that it was not play time it was home time.

I'm interested to meet these little guys on a field trip to the pumpkin patch next week!

And I'm excited to see him interact in a school setting.

I often watch from afar and I have a million things that go through my mind.

"Someone please grab his hand and guide him into the yard..."

"why is he not talking to the other children??"

" Is he happy?"

I'm sure most worry about their babes but I have to admit I am taking my time at letting go.

And of course taking the time to document the memories.

I did both of these this past weekend at my 12 hour crop  for Tina.

I love, love, love that shinny Imaginsce paper and the cork Alpha's from CTMH.

I have to admit I have other BTS layouts brewing in my head.....all in due time.

Happy Thursday my friends, I'm off to get kiddos a snack!


  1. Okay, you made me cry-- the post and BOTH layouts. Ya kill me!

  2. Love all the kraft I see! I was caught off guard because my daughter's teacher's name is Bergeron! lol

  3. These are GREAT! love the school pages!