Friday, December 9, 2011

Charity begins where you start it.

Today, one of our local radio stations held a food drive to collect cans for our food bank. 

The goal was 8099 cans.

I was one of many who dropped off some cans, one from each member of our household.

Nothing major, yet all day long I fretted over how little I had done.

I drive by that radio station everyday on my way to work, and on my way home today, if the truck was still there, I was going to  buy some more non perishables and drop them off. 

As I was driving by on my way home, I saw the food bank truck leaving the parking lot and happily assumed that the goal had been met.

A whopping 17533 cans were collected for needy families in my city.

Nothing short of amazing if you ask me.

A similar food drive took place at my grocery store last weekend. 

My eldest and I dropped off some non perishables  for the food drive, as well as some cookies for the volunteers, in lieu of him sitting in the drivers seat of a city bus.

He was elated, I was happy to have helped in some small way, shape or form.

I shared these stories with my team today and we talked about how we could help someone in need this holiday season.

Our holiday gathering has come and gone, and there are some funds in our holiday fund that could be put to good use.

A goat for a third world family?  Sponsoring a local families holiday meal?

Both great ideas, but if I am being honest there is a slight motive to my giving.

I don't want my boys to grow up needing.

I am fortunate enough to have a job that pays for their needs as well as their wants.

But I really don't want to forget what it is like to need and want and know you can't have.

Because when you forget you take for granted, and I never want to be that person.

I always want to be the girl who cherished the second hand bike that her mother stayed up late nights repainting.

The girl who displays her homemade clothespin dolls somewhere safe every holiday season as a gentle reminder of Christmases past.

This season is never going to be about presents for me, nor do I want it to be that way for my children.

My boys will have lots under the tree, because I can and because I always will want to do that for them.

But more importantly, I want it to be about life, giving, presence, and love.

I want them to know that charity doesn't begin at home, but learning about it does.

I dont need my charity to be recognized, and I'm not looking for props.

But maybe if you find the time and can spare it, a donation to someone in need this season would mean the world to a Mom or Dad trying to make this holiday special for their family.

That is all

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