Friday, January 13, 2012

December Project 12

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh all done this challenge for 2011!!!

I have to admit I feel a little relieved.  I didn't think I was going to get them all done this year but I did and I'm happy.

Funny thing, I started out this year with a plan  to stick with some basic products and a journalling plan and I  veered away. 

The only thing that stayed consistent was my FB updates.  If I continue on with this challenge in 2012, I think I am going to continue with the updates as my journalling.

Since I like everyday scrapping I think it fits perfectly with monthly recap pages.

So here is the sketch:

Loved this one.

4x6 photos...check

All of them lined up in a row...check, check!

Pretty pink Jilli Bean papers from Tina's to work with...Check, check and check!

Here is what I came up with:

I wish that our skin tones were not all blown out but that's what happens with cheapo point and shoots.

Big news though...mama got a new camera.

A Nikon D3100.

I am still learning how to use it and I think I will be going for some lessons.

I know how to change the settings but I am not applying them correctly...AGH!

I honestly cant wait to really know how to use it though.

That's it for back in a few days with another layout....Shocking!!!

We are hunkered down here enduring what is seems to be the Apocalypse of storms...Im sure I'll have other stuff to share!

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