Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feeling a little down

As per my FB status.....there really is nothing worse than taking care of a toddler who is running a fever, when it is like 90 degrees and I'm practically nine months pregnant.

Okay there are worse things.

I could be the mother of little Tori here in Ontario who was abducted and subsequently they have just charged someone with her death. I don't even want to write the "m" word.

I could be the wife of golfer Phil who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

I could live in a war torn country and live in fear everyday.

There could be a million things wrong with my life but really, I think we are pretty lucky.

I am just feeling sorry for myself being so huge and uncomfortable. I am so spoiled with the help of my Mom. I swear every time she is not around everything seems to go wrong.

So for tonight I sit and drowned my sorrows the best way I know how.

Three scoops of Vanilla bean ice cream topped with one banana and a huge dollop of Dulce de Luche.


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