Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's 6:00am...Do you know where my child is???

He is still ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!

The storm seems to have passed exactly one week from which it started.

And what a terrible week it was. Fevers, constant night wakings, counting sleep in one hour intervals that don't even fill up one hand........UGH!

There were several beds made on the floor with catnaps while M played/whined and mommy tried to rest and block his attempts to climb things at the same time.

Last night was bliss. I woke only once and M not at all. It is amazing what a blissful sleep you can get when complete and utter exhaustion set in.


And as I type this there motion from the baby monitor and I hear my monkey stir and wish his dear old raggedy puppy a good morning.

Off to start our day.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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