Monday, May 25, 2009

One week to go!!!

The countdown is officially on.

Just in case your curious as to how huge I actually am here's a picture of belly taken today...cropped because I don't like some parts of myself.

You may notice the Tim Hortons ice cap. The picture was taken specifically for a layout that I am going to do with the entry below from this Blog. My sister and I thought it was too good of a moment that needed to be scrapped.

Not much else new. Just waiting and trying to keep busy.

And thinking about how different life is going to be.

OH yeah...and a layout I did as a present for Sis. Just a cute picture of her and her husband that my mom took last fall at Valleyview farm here in Ottawa. My mom is normally not great at taking pictures but this one turned out great. I wanted to crop it and sharpen it but she developed it for me then erased her memory card. It is still cute it is think. I was going to keep it as an anniversary gift but thought it might be too cheesy so I gave it early.


  1. great belly, Jen! Can't wait to see the layout you make with that one! I also love the layout for your sister-- I like the way you used the frame to "crop" the photo. Brilliant!

  2. Please, please, please can I pay you to do my daughters' photo albums?

    That is so awesome.

    (And PS: your belly looks fantastic!

  3. Only scrapbookers would plan an outing around getting pictures for a specific layout. I think this picture turned out great. You look great, don't be on hard on yourself. I love the layout you did for me and it wouldn't have been cheesy to give as a gift. Thanks. xo

  4. Lisa...thanks
    CK....Thanks and If you knew how long it takes me to do anything you wouldn't want to pay me. I'm better at "collecting" supplies than using them lol
    Sam.....It was a funny moment. Glad to share it with you...And truth be told I thought August was too long to wait.