Friday, May 29, 2009

M's Blankie

Heaven forbid it is absent before you go to bed.

And all hell would break loose if I even thought about taking you out of your crib with out it.

You need your snuggle with it throughout the day.

It has become a regular member at the dinner table snuggled into your booster seat with you.

It has spaghetti stains, milk stains, and I'm sure others I don't even want to imagine.

We almost lost it over the holidays at church but someone found it and returned it to the lost and found.

Good thing because we would have been up the creek.

I tried really hard to find just the perfect one to soothe you at night. To make you feel like you were safe and warm in your digs.

Many were auditioned. Only one was chosen.

Not your typical blankie but hey...what ever works for ya kiddo!


  1. As I was reading this I was thinking, "M has a blankie?" I remember him loosing this another time and the panic on your face.

  2. My daughter has a Grover. A battered, flattened, once-soft Grover. When she decided on him I bought three more, you know, just to be safe. And somehow she still only picked one AND could tell by feeling the hands which one was "hers." She's 4. He hasn't been allowed out of the house since she turned 3. One of these days she'll lose interest in him...right?