Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dear M

I just wanted to write you a little note to tell you about a big change that is coming our way. Tomorrow you are going to become a Big Brother. I know that we have been talking to you about this for some time but I don't think you really understand. All that space that you keep losing on Mommy's lap is because she had a baby cooking inside her for the last nine months.

I'm not going to lie, your baby brother isn't going to be much fun for you for some time. In fact I'm fairly certain the novelty will be lost on you fairly quickly. I'm hoping that you and your brother will grow to have a wonderful bond, and that one day you will be best friends just like me and Auntie Sammy. I know that this will take a little time but remember that family is the most important thing in life.

Mommy isn't going to be home for a couple of days. She has to stay at the Hospital until Thursday. Grandma is going to take care of you and she is going to bring you to the hospital on Tuesday and Wednesday to see me and your Brother. I hope you have a good time with Grandma. I will miss you soooooooooooo much. I have never been away from you overnight in your whole 2 years of life and it scares me a little bit. I know you will be fine. I just worry....that's what mom's do.

Daddy is going to stay with me at the hospital for the first night then he is going to be at home with you at night with Grandma. He is still going to go to work during the day so you will have time to rock and roll when he gets home.

M, I hope you know how much I love you and how very proud I am of you today and everyday. The last 5 weeks at home with you have been just awesome. I know I have been tired and I haven't really been much fun but I was so glad to have these last few weeks with you just to watch you grow, and to snuggle with you. You really have made my life a happy place.

I love you Monkey
Kiss Kiss


  1. Thanks for the tears. We're all super excited to meet little _____! xoxo