Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thank You

Thank you for showing me the way,
for always believing in me and for letting me dream.

Thank you for always supporting me, guiding me and encouraging me,
For always thinking I was the one who could do no wrong when clearly I did something wrong.

Thank you for helping me make some of the hardest decisions I could ever make without judgment,
And for hugging me after I made those decisions and regretted them.

Thank you for your constant inspiration with faith and with people,
For teaching us all the little things that make a family.

Thank you for helping me become a mother,
For your gentle encouragement when I feel like I am messing up big.

Thank you for all the sleep-ins, clean ups and meals,
For all the walks to the park, all the stories and all the love I see in my Son's eyes when he looks at you.

Thank you for providing our family with some laughter,
And for laughing with us even when it is at your expense.

Thank you for excepting apologies from me so readily,
and for trying to see things my way when it is not the way you see things.

Thank you for being the Mother that I want to be and a constant inspiration.

Happy Mothers Day today and everyday.

1 comment:

  1. This is a beautiful heartfelt post. She really is the best Mom we could ask for, and so are you! I hope she reads this! Happy Mother's Day! xo