Monday, June 29, 2009

4 weeks.

And I am just busy watching this babes eye lashes grow......
I can't believe he is already over 10 pounds.
He is a better sleeper than M was out of the gate.
He is a pretty efficient nurser. I am surprised when one of the ladies is emptied in 8 minutes flat....and they are "e's" if you recall...
He has entered that 4 week fussy period whereby he will cry for no apparent reason other than wanting to be no one other than me. It makes it challenging at times.
I ventured out with my two boys sort of by myself yesterday. THANK GOD for the Moby wrap is all I have to say b/c there where some tense moments of wondering how I was going to get home when M kept jumping out of the wagon.
And last but not least....dealing with the cradle crap...uhhh I mean cap. Gosh how I hate it when perfect little babies get all these skin afflictions. And I agonize over them.......

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  1. I loved my Moby wrap too. That thing was amazing...though it did make me sweat something awful.