Thursday, June 25, 2009

Imitation is the sincerest form of flatery

Is that how the saying goes?

Well If that is the case lets give credit where credit is due.

First of all I scrap-lifted a layout from Scrapbooks etc's January 2008 issue by Ali McLaughlin. Hers was 81/2 by 11 and mine is bigger but basically a totally ripoff of her work. Sometimes though I need to do things in a hurry and this took less than an hour.

It is a layout about a trip to a farm that me and the whole fam went to last fall and how it reminded me of our simple life growing up on a farm

Next, Thank you to Lisa (Babies, paper and song) and Stephanie (Just me and my 2 little chicks) for turning me on to that butterfly punch. I may just use it in every layout from now until death.

Also thank you to CK over at Bad mommy moments. I would have never started blogging had I not been so inspired by her blog and I certainly wouldn't have thought to talk about the not so great moments which in hindsight are quite funny. And thank you Sam (sister) for pointing me in her direction.

And last but not least......

Kudos to this person twice in this post......

I thank you from the bottom of my heart ......

My dear sweet sister (My Memory Corner)

For without her I would not have the exact replica of her flu.

The raging fever was something special on it's own but I hope you don't mind me imitating (read: you giving me without so much as asking :) ) a sore throat, headache and achy bones.

Much appreciated.....

And seriously....

I love you!


  1. Great layout, even if it's lifted ;) and I really do love you too, even if it seems like I don't by passing you the nasty flu. Lets pray that you don't get the congestion cause then I really might believe the death threats. xo

  2. SEE? I'd never give you the flu, Jen. I'm also available to act as a stand-in sister, you know, in case things don't work out between you and Samantha. Sure I don't have any actual sistering experience, but I'm raising two crazy girls. Does that count?

    (PS: thank you for such an awesome compliment.)