Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy as a bee.......

Needless to say life with two boys is busy, especially when one is 3 weeks old and the other is two.
There have been many tears shed as I try to find my way on my own. (read: I am stubborn and I need to prove to myself that I can take care of my two by myself regardless of the fact that I have an enormous amount of help.)

M is getting better with the jealousy and we are busy teaching him to be sorry for his actions when he smacks someone(me). He is able to show some empathy and kiss and hug but is also stubborn thanks to his genes and is refusing to say sorry during the appropriate time. He will then randomly spew it out while playing, making me feel guilty and having to tell him he didn't do anything wrong (yet) and remind him when to say it.

J is growing like a weed. Seriously he is already 10.3 pounds and he is only 3 weeks old! He is already smiling, cooing and lifting his neck up. I may have to nickname him tank!

I am recovering, wanting my body back, feeling depressed that none of my clothes fit yet. ( I know it had only been three weeks....doesn't matter I want my clothes to fit NOW!) Today I start a sugar free existence. I gained 10 pounds more than I should have...possibly more :) I'm hoping to be back to normal in three months. Is that realistic? 25 pounds down.....30 more to go...eeek!
And last but not least a Layout as promised about my affinity to Tim Horton's Ice caps and some pictures of my boys.
Enjoy your day!

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  1. And you are doing a great job! Don't forget that. this lo is beeeeeeautifullllll! Submit!