Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I worry....

That there will be too
many moments like this...

And not enough of these ...

All because of him....
I can only hope and pray that the anger that he is obviously feeling towards me will soon fade.

I never want him to feel misplaced.

I tell him I love him as often as I can, But his kisses aren't coming very freely to me right now

I'm having a harder time making him laugh and smile.

I feel like I have failed him in some way.

He doesn't understand why I have a new baby attached to me almost 24/7.

He is starting to hit and get a little possessive and I am struggling to find my way without losing control or becoming angry myself.

No one ever said this job is easy.

1 comment:

  1. It WILL work out. Their love will grow. They will be friends. M will remember how much he loves to kiss and hug his Mommy. You haven't failed him, you've given him a gift. One that will last his LIFETIME! xoxo