Monday, August 17, 2009


It is so hot I could walk around without the proper clothing on, However I would not want to scare people.

Today M's conversation is progressing and moving towards two way conversation with sentences like " THANKS....thanks for the juice Mommy!"

Today J is reaching more and more for things. I caught him batting at the play gym toys.

Today we are in the company of my oldest nephew who is an excellent distraction for my biggest who also has a cold.

Today we spent 4 hours at the mall to get out of the heat.

Today we are missing the company of Grammy and Aunty K who drove 11 hours to meet J, and reacquaint themselves with M.

Today we are gearing up for a visit from Uncle J.

Today I finished this layout:

Peace out peeps!


  1. That is a beautiful page. Your boys are going to have the most amazing baby books.