Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Catching up.

Starting to feel like I have time to scrap.

Okay, maybe that is a lie.

I have been able to scrap because M is being occupied by his cousin, and J usually has a three hour nap.

Sometimes if I'm lucky, the boys will nap together at the same time.

And if Mama had a rough night she will nap too.

And again to be honest it takes some time to get a layout accomplished because of meal times, snack times, wiping snotty noses, kissing stubbed toes and general needing mommy times.

But I was able to get this done during my "break".

What do you do during your Mommy breaks?

My littlest angel!

On a funny note, M said something funny today.

We went to the beach for a whole hour this morning before the rain sent us packing.

It was M's first time in the water.

His response?

"This is a really BIG puddle!"

Love that kid!


  1. Big puddle...so cute:-) I just love the way kids see things! Beautiful layout! Love the way you did the "1 month" title!

    To answer your question about my layout it was a diecut paper (from Basic Grey) and I just cut part of it out!

  2. I've been laughing all night. Big puddle. So cute. Glad that boy of mine is helping to give you some time to scrap. lovely lo.