Saturday, August 22, 2009

Does he know.....

That I am his biggest fan?

That no one in the world could love him more than I?

That every time he accomplishes something new, I could burst because he makes me so proud?

Does he know some days he makes me cry?

That those tears are caused by frustration, fear, and fatigue?

That the frustration I feel is because he will not listen to me, does not understand me or has a complete sense of disregard for me?

That I fear that someone might hurt him, take him, that he could become sick?

That some days I am so tired that I lack all sensibilities that cause me to lose my temper?

Does he know that when he is punished it hurts me more than him?

That I feel so divided sometimes?

Does he know that I feel so sad that he is outgrowing some of the activities that used to be “our time”?

That everyday my love grows for him?

Does he know that he makes me laugh?

That his monkey behavior and his parrot vocabulary are funnier than any sitcom or comedian I have ever seen?

Does he know that he has challenged me to be a better person?

To watch my tongue and to bite my tongue?

Does he know it is going to take everything in me not to fight his battles as he grows, to let him decide what clothes to wear, what friendships to foster and what partner to take in life?

Does he know that I will always be here when he falls, to pick him up, to kiss him better, and to make the hurt go away as best I can?

That I will sometimes say “I told you so.”

Does he know that he may hate me one day?

That the day he says to me in a toddler tantrum that he doesn’t love me, that it will probably scar me for life?

Does he know I will forgive him?

Does he know that despite all the crappy times, the good always outweighs the bad?

That nothing he could ever do will make me not love him?

Does he know?

A challenge from My Memory Corner to use only the following:
Cardstock; Stampin up, bazzil
D ie cut; CTMH scallop border that I reinked black
Photoclips; Making memories
Embossing powder; CTMH
Transparancies; 3M
Distress with ink; CTMH
Photography; Lisa Kisch



  1. Do you know that you always make me cry with your beautiful journalling? What a gift. For you and him. xo
    Posting mine tomorrow in daylight!

  2. Thanks for doing my blog for me.Your chalenge that samantha posted is cuit.Your jurnaling is very toughing.X OXO

  3. This is beautiful! Need the kleenex...