Friday, October 2, 2009

Mirror image

Caution...possible boring post ahead.

I am not a huge animal lover.
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate animals.
Really I don't.
I just think they are high maintenance.
You have to feed them...
Take them to the vet..
Brush them...
Clean their litter boxes or pick up their poo...
Feed them some more...
And the fur.
It. accumulates. every. where.
My clothes...
Not great when you wear allot of black and have a white cat.
Yep...we have two cats.
And I'm not a good Mom to them.
I don't beat them I swear.
My children have taken over.
And I hate vacuuming all that hair up,
especially after I have been wiping snotty noses all day.
Okay maybe I don't do the vacuuming.......
Or all of the snot wiping.....
I digress.
My point.....
Last Saturday my Cat got out.
She is a little princess.
And I really do love her.
B brought her home the first time I moved away from Ottawa.
We think she was abused.
I swear not by me.
She wouldn't come out from under the bed for two days.
She was a peanut.
And we love her.
So imagine my surprise when my Mother shrieked last Saturday..


I jumped to save Zippy.
Apparently my maternal cat instinct kicked in.
Poor thing must have gotten out when B went to work.
M Kept saying "Poor Zippy....That's Zippy!"
He was tickled that Zip was outside.

So I went to grab her when I noticed something.

This freak of nature with two different eye colors is NOT my cat.
I dropped him/her/IT pretty quickly.
You can't see it because I zoomed in but THAT THING was opening my screen with her CLAWS.


My Princess is de-clawed thank you.
Yes I know it is inhumane however,
It is unreasonable to have to replace your couches once a year.
Just then guess who came strolling by to see what all the commotion was about?

I wish I had a better shot but my Cat is camera shy.
This one.....Not so much.


He/She/IT hung around for 14 hours.
B felt bad that it was out there that long.
He thought it was going to starve.
Did you see those teeth?
Just as he was cuddling this FREAK CAT, my other cat Moose strolled by.
He/She/IT had the audacity to hiss at him while B was holding him
B scolded the cat and sent him packing.
It rained all that night.
No I am NOT giggling....
I looked for that cat the next day.
Couldn't see him.
I do know He/She/IT is fine though because I saw it scaling my fence this morning.



  1. You've got some fantastic shots in this post! I especially love the one with your son at the door, and of course the two-cat shot.

    And what a great story. I would've freaked out if I picked up the wrong cat thinking it was mine.

  2. That was funny. you make me laugh. love the pics.