Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I got nothin'

Nothing exciting to report.

All is perfectly normal hell is breaking loose at our home.

Tantrums afoot.

M was banished to the bedroom twice before 7:30 am today.

Me thinks today I will call upon the good mom that is deep down inside of me and let the kids get crafty and messy.

I also think some fresh air is in order.

Christmas tree is going up this weekend.

I'm doing shades of lime green and red this year.

I'm done with purple and gold.


I got nothin'.

You still awake?

How about my latest creations.

Try to keep your eyes open from that boring post!

Thanks for stopping by.

And Happy Thanksgiving to all you peeps south of the border!


  1. You are very talented at that scrapbooking thing. I am sadly lacking in that ability. I love that first page!

  2. gorgeous layouts, Jen. I love that your boy layouts aren't all brown and blue-- you use colour and bring a woman's perspective to it all, while still channeling "boy".

  3. Beautiful LO'S! Can't wait to see your new tree decorations! I'm over my colour combo too but I'm not liking the idea of buying everything new again so burgandy and gold it is...