Monday, November 23, 2009

Just one of those days that a girl goes through.....

You know the ones.

When nothing comes out right.

The ones that make you cave....


In an effort to de-funk I have a small list of things that made me grin today.

  1.   The way M wished my neighbour "Good Morning!".
  2.   The fact that my Nephew thought we needed a bigger TV.  FYI we have a  52 inch flat screen.
  3.  Hubs who continually throughout the day kept cornering me. ;)
  4.  J for his frequent smiles.
  5. The fact that I just heard on the radio that Butterball has a 1-800 Turkey line  which opened today and operators will be available to take your turkey calls throughout the holiday season.


Here's to a good sleep and a better tomorrow.


  1. hope you were able to shake the funk, I know how that is, your happy list made me smile

  2. Cave???? How bad??? come on you can dish... lol. hope your tomorrow is better too! xo

  3. I admire people who always remember there is a reason to smile :0) Good for you and I hope tomorrow is better for you

  4. Oh yeah, the turkey hotline! How cool is that thing? I bet they get the most hilarious questions this time of year...