Saturday, November 14, 2009

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

And because I am so anal retentive, I now feel the need to sort them all alphabetically. 

Otherwise it will take me till 2015 to find the word I'm looking for.

I wonder if the words "f-ing idiot" are in there.


  1. Silly lady.
    1. for thinking you could find what you need in that box.
    2. for sorting them by alphabetical order.
    3. for buying it in the first place. lol. must have been a newbe scrapper purchase. please tell me it was a newbe scrapper purchase....

  2. What about pulling a dozen random words as a jumping off point for journaling? Say, you have to use half of the words you pull?

  3. HA! I bought those once! But I threw the whole lot out because hubby kept spelling out "Lay Me"...that perv.

  4. No good can ever come from THAT many pieces being in any box.

    It's like those damn Leap Frog Letter magnets...mine have to be lined up, in alphabetically order for me not to go ape-shit.

  5. Does the box say: "two sided"?? If so, good luck with that alphabetical idea... SERIOUSLY!!

  6. Ha! I bought my kids Spanish word magnets thinking it would help them learn something. Um, no. The only thing that was learned was that I should never buy something like that again.