Friday, December 4, 2009

He's all mine.....and all His.

M that is.

Today was a little rough.

A little scary.

Tested my strength as a Mom.

Tested our strength as a team.

Something as small as gashed tongue,

(Which FYI was not so small and left me feeling sick to my stomach all day)

Reminds me of the gift we have been given.

Today it was a tongue.

Tomorrow it could be more serious.

We are so lucky to be a family.

I am so lucky to lean on B and be the level headed one in these situations.

I do not do well with blood.

I do not do well with accidents.

I do not do well when my kids get hurt.

I'm sure that sick feeling never goes away.

Today I am reminded that things are just things.

They can be replaced.

He can't.

He is clumsy like me.

And he has no fear like his Dad.

I am in for one hell of a ride with this child of mine

So today I was  more patient.

He was aloud to look and touch.

But he still had to be careful.

That snowman seems to be a favorite of his.

Back tomorrow to continue "The Ornament Cronicles"

Thanks for stopping by and having a boo.