Monday, December 7, 2009

Our first stockings

B's Mom used to send us stockings every year.

They were more gift bags stuffed to the gills with goodies than stockings, but we still called them socks.

About 5 years ago we got the call that every child adult dreads.

The socks were to be no more.

APPARENTLY a poll was taken unbeknownst to B and myself and it was decided that a gift would replace the sock.


Yeah........ I think I speak for B and myself when I say:


Okay yes we are grown-ups here but come on....

This was our Christmas sock we are talking about.

We loved our socks.

We got over it.

Sort of.

Thankfully we still had someone else that made us socks.

But part of OUR tradition together had been erased.

So we did what any couple would do, or probably had been doing all along and we were just a little slow on the uptake.

We started buying socks for each other.

That first year we went off to Wal-Mart and went in separate directions with our shopping carts in search of goodies to stuff each others sock with.

We inadvertently bumped into each other a few times but quickly took off in different directions not wanting each other to see what was in our basket.

I have to say that first year was really fun and I’m pretty sure we spent way more on each others sock then we did on gifts.

On Christmas morning we were pretty stoked to open our stash.

Before kids we either opened gifts at night and slept in, or opened in the morning then went back to bed.

That year we opened in the morning.

As I was opening mine I came across a box all stuffed with tissue.

Underneath all the tissue was a blown glass snowman that was the cutest thing I had ever seen.

I was so touched that he had picked an ornament for me that suited my taste.

It hangs right near the top of the tree away from prying hands and curious cats.

And it is another one of those ornaments that will automatically provoke an ass whooping if broken.


  1. I'm so glad that you and your husband kept up that tradition yourselves! I bet if you told her, she might still do it for just you guys. We had a similar situation with my husband's parents and when the rest of the group requested a change in the gift routine, it crushed us. But, we told them and his mother continued it for us. It doesn't hurt that my husband was her baby!

  2. You like bing tears to my eyes don't you!?! B did a really good job with that ornament the picture dosen't do it justice.
    The stocking are by far the bestest part of Chistmas morning(present wise), I think that's because it was always so much fun for Mom to do them that she instilled that tradition in us. I remember a few years when we shared a room staying up all night just waiting for her to bring them in and place them at our feet. We all had a sugar high before 5am. lol. Every year when I think about doing the same for my kids I think about what the WHOLE day would be like if they consumed the amount of candy I put in their socks all at once. Ya not happening because you know their not going to start with the clemintine.

  3. *I* will buy you socks! You never are too old for beloved Christmas traditions!

  4. My family switched from stocking to presents, too. I am so sad about it! Little trinkets in the stockings was my favorite part of Christmas when I was a kid. So cool that you and B made your own tradition!