Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kitty Cup

Our Family has the uncanny ability to take a new found favorite sport, craft, pet, color etc and produce some sort of gift that perfectly resonates that new favorite sport, craft, pet, color etc.

For example, when I bought my first couch, it was a deep eggplant purple. I was given purple vases, purple linens, and purple decorations....purple purple purple.

Don't mis-read that for overkill. I enjoy it. In fact I happen to do the same thing to B. He has a plethora of golf paraphernalia hanging around. Business card holders, boxer shorts, wall hangings. You name it, he has it.

It is a certified sickness in my family.


But it is what makes us "special".

We take the time to acknowledge what make each of us tick.

We search for that perfect gift and we know that when we give it, it will be well received.

Which is why when I received this ornament from my Sister, I was touched.

It looks like my cat Zippy, who is white,

In a tea cup.

Tea is a Favorite drink.

Love it.


  1. Guilty as charged. No one is safe. mauhahahaha.
    Glad you like it.

  2. i've thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts jen, and thanks for your comment on my blog, it meant a lot to me.