Friday, February 19, 2010

Vegetable soup for breakfast.

That is what I fed my kid this morning.


Because I just gave in.

This past week has been killer.

Last week our whole family minus J got sick with what can only be refered to as hell in my stomach.

AKA: norovirus or norwalk or the stomach flu.

Regardless it was hell.

It has taken Michael over a week to recover.

He has been irritable no doubt brought on by bouts of hunger.

The kid won't eat.

And my kid can pack it away like nobodies buisness.

He will ask for something then leave it unfinished.

We think he is afraid to eat for fear he will see his dinner resurface and decimate his pj's, John Deere and Wonderpets blanket, Puppy and any other perfectly clean and unsuspecting surface on his bed.

I fear this because he had a repeat bout three days later when we thought he was feeling better and gave him some timbits only to have them decimate my couch.

Thank goodness for scotchgaurd.

So on my hands I have a cranky kid, whom I am trying really, really hard to be patient with because I know he was sick.

But after days of whining and crying all I want to do is stick my fingers in my ears and scream "shut up, shut up , shut up!"


So instead of screaming that, I fed him soup.

For breakfast.

Which for the record I think is disgusting because I am a hard core cereal eater.

But in an effort to put something into his belly and raise his angry blood sugar levels, he got soup.

I could feed him worse, right?

I mean it is vegetables.

What's the worse thing you fed your kidlets for breakfast?

And please don't say Frootloops.

They happen to be a staple in our pantry.

Happy Weekend.


  1. Ha! I fed my kid pudding for breakfast and then sent her on her merry way to school.

    That'll teach 'em for closing school for two weeks.

  2. Hey, you are right. It's vegetables. Anytime my kids would agree to eat them, I'd give the ok. Especially after the week of hell you've endured. I say free pass on the mommy card for this one. No guilt!

  3. ummmm do you need to ask. lol. love ck's reply. I just might try that one. hehehe.

  4. I think veggie soup is great! There are so many worse options. Like...rice krispy treats. That works, doesn't it? I mean, it IS made from cereal...