Thursday, March 18, 2010

Conversation with an almost 3 year old

Him: "Mommy, Is that the neighbourhood?"
Me:   "Yep, it is our neighbourhood sweets."

Him: "Mommy, Is that the neighbour's car?"
Me:   "Yep, but don't touch the neighbour's car okay sweets."

Him: "Mommy, Is that Mark's car?"
Me:   "It is Mark's car.  What color is it?"

Him: "Mommy, Is Mark's car red?"
Me:   "It is, Can you say hello to Mark?"
Him: "Heeeeeyyyyy Mark!  Howz it goin?"
Me:   *smirk*

Him: "Mommy, Is that the digger?"
Me:   "Yep, it is a digger.  Some would call it an excavator ...."
Him: " No, thats a digger."
Me:   "Yes it is a digger sweets."
Him: ""

Him: "Mommy, Is that the dumptruck?"
Me:   "Yes honey that is  a dumptruck."
Him: "It is a dump truck."

Him: "Mommy, Is that the street sweeper?"
Me:   "I don't see one honey.  I think they only come out on Fridays right now, and today is only Thursday."
Him: "Cassidy is coming on Saturday."
Me:   "I don't think she is sweatheart."

Him: "Mommy, is that the airplane?"
Me:   " Wow, yep it is an airplane...where do you think it is going?"
Him:  "It's going down down down on runway twenty nine!!!"
Me:   *big smile*

Him: "Mommy, is that the puppy dog?"
Me:  "Yes honey it is a puppy dog.  Would you like to say hello?"
Him: " Hey doooooogggg!!!!"

Him: "Hello world!!!!!"
Me:  " Hey world!"
Him: "It's nice to see you world!!!!!"
Me:  "what's happening world??"
Him: "Hey wooorrrlllldddd!!!!!!!!!"
Me:  " Mommy loves you."

*I wish I could freeze these moments forever and that my babies would always have those sweet little inquisitive voices.*


  1. You will be so happy that you took dictation on these moments. They are just brimming with goodness!

  2. heeeeeeeeee. the only thing better is hearing his sweet voice when he says these things.

  3. I love writing down these types of conversations. There is no way in 20 years, we'll be able to recall all of this in this amount of detail. So glad you saved it. He is a sweetheart!

  4. It's been a long winter, hasn't it? It's so nice to get out and hear these types of conversations!

  5. I love this. I love that he asks so many questions and you answer so patiently. There's a nanny in my neighborhood who takes a boy walking to the park all the time, and I never hear her talk to him. It always makes me kind of sad, because the kind of running commentary you have with your son is such a loving, wonderful thing. The way it *ought* to be.

  6. Thanks for sharing an awesome moment with us. I love your blog!