Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Making good on a resolution.

SO I really had hoped that my baby weight would be gone by now.

It came off easily with M, But apparently the second time around???


I am not thrilled when I look in the mirror.

I see a little tiny piece of me that used to be there, but alot of sparkle is gone.

The ladies are still huge. 

And I mean huge.

The thighs, not loving them.

The arms that should tone themselves by carting around two babies, didn't majically form amazing pipes.

Even my face seems to have lost elasticity.

And I really have no one to blame but Tim Horton's and those blasted Ice caps that I devoured daily while I was pregnant with J myself.


SO I took the plunge.

I joined the gym again.

I'm pretty excited to have a couple hours a week to myself to mindlessy run on a treadmill, listening to some tunes.

Excited to lose some weight and at least try to button up some of my pants before I return to the workforce.

Excited that I might be able to like myself more when I look in the mirror.

Excited that I might be able to smile when I step on my scale instead of scowl.

But I'm nervous.

Nervous of having to put on gym clothes that will be too tight.

Nervous that I will look like a lunatic in some of the group fitness classes.

And I am not really looking forward to the ensuing pain.

But I am going to do it.

I am.

I am .


Wish me luck and send me skinny girl vibes.

and just because I can't sign of without some sort of picture, two layouts that I did they other day.

One about J and his dislike of baby foods, and then just a quick one to fill a gap in his book.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. You are so creative. I try really hard not to covet your scrap booking pages. Some days are more successful than others. Today? Not so successful.

    Good luck at the gym! You'll do great. Be sure to get some audiobooks to listen to. That way you can get in shape AND feel like you're reading a book. Two accomplishments in one.

    (Yes, I'm a nerd who just discovered audiobooks for my iPhone. So what?)

  2. I love the "not a foodie" banner!

    Good luck! You're going to do great, and make yourself proud!