Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Project 12 April

The MIL visit has come and gone and we all had a wonderful visit.

It was sad to see her go, so heart warming  to see how much she loves my boys, and very heart breaking to see how much it hurts her not to live near them.

I hope when "I grow up" that my boys will be close to me and if I am blessed enough to have grand-babies that I will be able to see them often.

J was smitten with her, and M in his normal serious fashion needed time to warm up. 

Lots of pictures were taken, 298 to be exact.

More on that later, with a certain three year olds birthday recap.

I just wanted to post my Project 12 for April.

These 4 pictures were taken on Easter and the day after.

We really jammed so much into April that I felt myself going back through my pictures to jog my memory so I could complete my journalling.

With all the fun things we did, I have to say the most fun was always had when we stayed close to home, in the backyard and around the neighbourhood.

I would say I have a few good years left of those kinds of fun outings before the Turkey or the Monkey start making more exciting demands.

Alrighty then...

Aprils sketch:
I don't always do well with LO's that don't have the pictures all lined up but I gave it my best shot. 

And there you have it kind peeps.

Off to bathe the kiddos and then maybe some ice cream and a cheesy romance novel for Momma.....sounds devine.

Nighty Night.


  1. 298 pictures...can't wait to see the pages you produce with some of those, LOL!

  2. This is so totally freaking CUTE!!!!! What a FAB take on the sketch! Really AWESOME!