Friday, May 7, 2010

A birthday story in pictures.

Meet the birthday boy
In true D/H household tradition, the main living area of our home  was decorated with lots of Ballons the eve of M's birthday.  M arrived on the scene no later than 6:00am, in his Grammy Jammies to start the festivities.

We like balloons around these parts!
I had set out a puzzle for him to enjoy in hopes of tiding him over until present time, which in case your wondering comes right after dinner.

Apparently he did not wish to sit in his seat but opted for the table top.

The novelty of the puzzle soon wore off and he discovered all his other presents waiting to be torn into.  He grabbed one and brought it over to me, while I was on the phone and tore into it.  I didn't really make a concerted effort to stop him, after all it was his birthday.   

I was pretty pleased that he like this gift, so much that he played with it all day and didn't go near his other gifts again.

It poured rain for the better part of the morning, putting a damper in my plan to take him to the park.  We opted for a walk instead.

Every boy needs to play in puddles on his birthday don't you think?

We live close to a storm water reserve that we effectionately call the pond. 

We headed down there to feed the geese and search for other creatures.  We spotted a couple of frogs just chillin' out in the water.  One wasn't moving much so I snapped a picture.  When I got home and cropped the picture I discovered why the frog wasn't moving so much.....

M wanted to hang around some more so Grammy, Grandma and J wandered off on their own,
While M and I took a slow, lazy walk and picked flowers.

It started to get really warm out so off came the coats.

It was a big walk for M, but he loves to walk.  He eventually started to get tired so we made our way back home stopping for more pictures.

M didn't really want to nap, but I forced the issue since I knew it would be a late night for him.  Plus, I also had a cake to make.

M woke up still enchanted with the balloons.

After his nap I wanted to get some pictures with my boys

Impossible to get them both together.

The guests had arrived and the kids went to play outside.  M wasn't interested in dinner until it was suggested that they just eat outside.  He was in his glory with this idea.

I was sure he would pitch a fit when it was time to come inside but Sis grabbed a present and waved it outside and he came running like it was nobodies buisness.

He ripped through those presents faster than.....well faster than Christmas.

After presents the token family photo. 

Neither of the boys were interested as it was clearly time for cake.  Notice M looking at his stop sign...priceless.

Checking out the cake some more... are you impressed with my artistict abilities????

It was soon time for bath and bed, but not without a little more time outside watching Daddy spin the ball.

And just becasue it was his birthday, some more cake and some last minute playtime with a new toy.

And there you have it peeps, my photo documentary of M's third birthday.  I know he probably won't remember it but I really wanted it to be special.  I would say it made somewhat of an impression as he still thinks it is his birthday.  Although that may have something to do with the fact that there are still birthday decorations everywhere.  I will try to get them down quicker than the month it took last year.

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

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  1. Three things:
    1. That frog pic is the best.
    2. Hello, AWESOME cake!!!!
    3. It looks like you guys had such a great day. Happy Birthday to your baby!