Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Valley View Farm

Last year my Sister  introduced me to the wonder that be Valley View Farm.

As  I (then just 4 weeks pregnant) walked through with M, then 16 months old, I was in awe.

I grew up in a very small town on Vancouver Island, where we lived on a farm.

I remember going to grocery stores for non perishables, toothpaste, T.P., shampoo. Not allot more than that.

We had cows, pigs, chickens and a huge vegetable garden and lots of berry bushes.

I would be hard pressed to think of anyone that I know that grew up in this setting but I have to say it was wonderful.

As I walked through Valley View Farm, all my childhood memories came flooding back just from the smell.

Yep, nothing likes the smell of cow terd to conjure up those good ole memories.

I love that smell, weird I know, but I do.

When my MIL was in town for M's birthday I thought it was the perfect opportunity to visit Valley View again.

I knew M would love it, since he seems to have a serious love on for Charlotte's Web.

I was right, he did love it.

But I was wrong in what he loved about it. He wanted to play at the park and play on all the old machinery, tractors and trains.

He wanted nothing to do with the animals, which was a little disappointing because one of the best times to go there is in the spring when there is new life everywhere.

I got over it because seeing him run from tractor to tractor made my heart warm and fuzzy.

J was content to stroll about with Grammy.

Near the end of our visit we took the little tractor trailer train around the future corn and wheat fields.

The conductor, in all of his 16 year old glory gave us the grand tour.

My favorite line was "If you look to your right you will see the old church across the street."


It really was a wonderful morning though, truly.

The next morning M woke and the first words out of his mouth were "Okay, let’s go see the animals."

I was happy that our little field trip had made an impression on him.

I plan to make another trip back in the fall, when J can walk around and enjoy it more.

Until then I preserved our little outing in the form of a scrapbook layout.


I bet you knew that was coming right?

And for good measure I'll show you two other layouts I did from our first visit. FYI the first is a scraplift but for the life of me I don't know who inspired me. I was pregnant with J at the time and my creativity was set at zero.   The second was a gift to my Sister as a momento of our outing.

As always thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a great time! (And of course the pages rock.) There are definitely days when I think that I would be much more suited to the farm life than hanging with the suburban animals around here...

  2. Your pages are so pretty! I love that you had fun at the farm! Very cool! We have several near here and my son loves to visit.

  3. lovely memory and lovely scrapbook pages! i'm just impressed that you have some done! my first has her first 2 years done to a "t." she's 6 now. my other two have nothing, nada, zilch. oh, the mommy guilt! thanks for a fun post :)